What can I expect to learn?

By the end of the Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme you will;

  • Recognise the vital role you play in being both a Brand Ambassador AND a Customer Advocate and learn how to live & breathe your company values in your daily conversations, in order to enhance your customer’s experience and loyalty to your brand
  • Be able to engage and communicate more effectively with your customers and callers in a professional, positive and customer-centric manner, ensuring excellent customer service at all times
  • Adopt a Best Practice service approach that ensures a consistent ‘voice of the brand’ on the telephone, face to face and in the written word whilst using your natural style to fully engage every customer or caller
  • Develop a Customer Service Toolkit of practical tips & techniques designed to enhance your communication skills, develop greater rapport with customers and heighten perception of your company’s brand and the service you provide, both on and off the ‘phone
  • Be able to handle difficult conversations & /or difficult customers in a controlled and assertive way in order to achieve a win-win outcome
  • Commit to action by developing a Personal Action Plan to take back into the ‘live’ environment in order to begin implementing the ideas, tips and techniques you’ve learned