Great news, you’re one step closer….

 … to delivering world-class customer service and becoming a true Brand Ambassador for your organisation.

“Hello, my name is Marie Cross and I’m the Training Director here at First Impression Training (FIT).  My team and I have created this highly interactive, user-friendly, customer service training programme especially for enthusiastic frontline service providers just like YOU

There are so many challenges to successfully developing positive and lasting working relationships, particularly in today’s business climate where it’s easy to assume that price is the only consideration about whether or not customers choose to do business with us – or not!.  

In fact 84% of MOST buying decisions are entirely EMOTIONAL which is great news because it presents you with a huge amount of scope to positively influence both prospects and customers alike – put simply we all prefer to do business with people we KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST!

So if you, or your frontline teams, are delivering ordinary or unremarkable experiences during those vital conversations then you’re missing a huge opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and, most importantly, differentiate yourself from your competition.  

Using the solutions we’ve created withing this Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme you’ll begin to directly influence;

  • new prospects buying decisions – HOW you engage with them will be critical to winning them as paying customers because we rarely get a second chance to make a positive first impression!
  • existing customers thoughts and feelings about who they’ll continue to do business with – the world is full of choice and your job is to ensure your customers continue to value your service, recommend you to others and keep coming back time and time again.

The Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme is designed to help you achieve positive behavioural and conversational changes to your telephone and face-to-face conversations, so that your customers experience is enhanced and your value as a service legend is secured”.

Whatever your priority, you can be sure that consistent service excellence will deliver results where it really counts – to your bottom line!