Volume Pricing – Purchasing Multiple Licences

We offer big discounts if you’d like to purchase multiple licences for your business. You can use the form below to get an instant quote for up to 150 licences for your team (of course we can provide more however this is our very best price point).  All prices shown include VAT.

To discuss your quote and to request a free preview of the training course, please complete the form below. One of our team will be in touch very shortly.

  • Your quote for licences is £ (£ per licence) paid in 12x monthly payments of £ each.

    • If you paid in a single one-off payment, you'd make a single payment of £ (15% discount).
    • If you paid in 3 instalments, you'd make 3x monthly payments of £ each (10% discount).
    • If you paid in 6 instalments, you'd make 6x monthly payments of £ each (5% discount).
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If you’d like to see the pricing for individual licences, then please click to see the single licence pricing.