Sample Module: Summary of the 21 Keys to Success

So we’re almost there!

The Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme contains the key ingredients of the Recipe of Success when it comes to delivering world-class customer service and acting like a real Brand Ambassador.

There are 21 key ingredients you’ve studied and practiced throughout this programme – because it takes 21 days to both make and break a habit!  

These 21 habits include:

  • Choose your ATTITUDE each day you come into the office – you’re in control of it! Maintain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) throughout the day – practice FIT’S Top 10 Tips for staying on-track and keeping positive!
  • Use the CUSTOMER’S NAME to build rapport and to focus attention.
  • Use a LANGUAGE OF INFLUENCE – use positive vocabulary and avoid the RIP language!
  • Deliver negative news using the TAPE TECHNIQUE – focus on the CAN DO before the CAN’T DO!
  • Use the FPQ TECHNIQUE when there’s no positive news at all – FEELING (explain how you feel….) POSITION (explain the situation factually….) QUESTION (ask a question to test for acceptance….)
  • Use the ABC TECHNIQUE (Assertive Boundary Control) to ‘call time’ on a conversation and assert yourself in a professional manner, using the format – “I understand… /….although… / …therefore…”
  • Use the REFRAME TECHNIQUE to tell a customer they’re wrong!  Find something they’ve said that you can agree on first, then provide evidence to prove they’re wrong!
  • Double the power of your VOCAL COMMUNICATION – remember your tone of voice is just a reflection of your mood within, so practice the tips for keeping positive within!  Turn up the volume, slow down the pace and create a voice of interest with your inflection.
  • Give a WIIFY! (What’s In It For You).  Whenever you want a customer to do anything for you let them know what’s in it for them e.g. “So that I’m giving you the right information let me double-check that with my manager – are you OK to hold a moment?”
  • Apply the 2ND OPTION TECHNIQUE to give the customer an illusion of choice and therefore, a sense of control, ensuring you give the option you’d prefer them to take second e.g. “I can give you a call back within the hour OR if you’re OK to hold for a moment I can check now, what’s best for you?”
  • Follow the UPOD RULE – learn to Under Promise and Over Deliver in order to manage customer expectations. Remember the 3 magic words “within…/.…“by… / …before…”
  • Follow the KISS PRINCIPLE at all times – Keep It Simple & Straightforward!  The essence of communication is to make it easy for our customer to communicate with us!
  • Create conversation, not interrogation! Use a range of QUESTIONING TECHNIQUES to do this…. TED PRINCIPLE, OPEN, CLOSED, DEFINING AND CONDITIONAL questions, to find out exactly what your customer or prospect wants or needs from you.
  • Practice the 10 commandments of ACTIVE LISTENING!  Remember – listening is not waiting for your turn to speak!  Practice being in Level 3 mode – 100% focus, energy, time & attention on the other person!
  • MATCH BACK with information that answers a question, provides a solution or establishes a plan of action for your customer or prospect.
  • Build RAPPORT by mirroring and matching customers, using similar verbal and vocal styles to ensure rapport is built and maintained throughout the conversation
  • Remember, you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR – you are the face, voice and word of your brand & the vital ingredient in the Recipe of Success – YOU are the difference that makes the difference!
  • You have to live & breathe the RA-O! FACTOR (accept full RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY & OWNERSHIP) if you’re going to be a true Brand Ambassador of your organisation!
  • Remember the first 4-34 secs face-to-face & the first 4-14 secs on the ‘phone are KEY! So use your CORPORATE WELCOME to lower tension and increase trust, because we never get a second chance to create a great first impression and we all need to learn to sing from the same hymn sheet!
  • Last impressions are lasting, so close every call in a positive and memorable way with your 3-step CORPORATE GOODBYE and create the feel-good-factor, because customers will forget what you say, they’ll forget what you do but they will NEVER forget how you make them feel!
  • Every FIT tip, technique and idea can be applied as simply and easily in the WRITTEN WORD as in the spoken word, so remember to follow your 10 Golden Rules of NETIQUETTE